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A leaky gutter can cause damage to roofing and soffits. Learn how to fix gutters, downspouts and how to re-point cement roofing.
Remove Adjacent Length of Gutter for Clear Access


Repairing a Leaking Gutter
Gutter joints, whether sealed with a rubber gasket or sealant, will deteriorate over time and leak. The repair shown here uses gutter or silicone caulk. For gutters without joints, cut out the damaged section and replace it with a piece that is at least 2 in (5 cm) longer.

Materials and Tools:
gutter or silicone caulk
caulk gun

Disassemble the gutter joint by unclipping the gutter length from the joint clip 

Remove the adjacent length of gutter to give you clear access to the internal profile of the joint clip 

Dust out the joint, making sure that it is clean and dry 

Apply gutter or silicone caulk around the edge of the gutter's profile 

Reassemble the joint, fixing the clips securely back in place 

Wipe away any excess caulk with a cloth.

Other Causes of Leaks
The gutter might be blocked and overflowing. Unblock it to fix the problem.

Loose attachments may cause sagging and overflowing. Fix as for a downspout.

A gutter needs a slope to drain efficiently. Check whether it needs adjusting to the correct angle.

Cast-iron gutters may rust and leak. Paint often to avoid this.

Fixing a Loose Downspout
If downspout brackets become loose, joints in the pipe may fracture and cause water to run down the building. This may cause water infiltration problems, so loose pipes should be reattached immediately.

Materials and Tools: 
suitable fasteners and wall plugs

Slide the loose downspout bracket to slightly above or below its previous position 

Hold the bracket in place, and mark where the new fasteners will need to go. Then drill pilot holes 

Attach the bracket with the appropriate fasteners. Use wall plugs on masonry